Monday, 9 January 2012

How To Make Paper Christmas Baubles

So Christmas has gone, January sales have begun and we're all looking for bargains on decorations and tinsel and baubles and candles etc etc etc. Well why not stay away from the shops, save those precious pennies and make your own decorations instead!

Why make these pretty paper baubles?

1. They look fantastic.

2. You can make them really personal, and give them as great gifts!

3. They store flat, perfect for those with no space (i.e. me)

I saw this project in a book while I was bookshop browsing a few years ago and kept the idea in my head until this year. I can't remember the book but if anyone knows then let me know!

Okkkkkkkk lets get started.............

Got all those things? Perfect, halfway there already :-)

Step 1: If your photo has a white border you need to cut the left and right edges off but you can leave the top and bottom on if you like (I prefer it)

Step 2: Using your scissors, cut the photo into equal sized strips. You can measure and draw guidelines on the back in pencil if you like, I just eyeball it.

Step 3: Take your hole puncher and punch a hole on the top and bottom of each strip. You need to make sure the holes are the same distance in on each strip so just slide the paper into the punch as far as it will go each time before you punch the hole.

Step 4/5: Make sure you photo strips are in the right order then pile them up, the left hand one on top and the others piled in order underneath.

So hopefully your bauble is looking like this...

Step 6: Take your butterfly pins and open the pin so the butterfly wings are open on the white side of the photo.

Step 7: You want to bend your photo a little (don't crease it) , you want to make it easier to fan the photo strips out into a bauble shape.

To finish: you have to coax each strip out to form the bauble shape, start with the bottom strip (the one at the back) and let the rest follow.

There you go! You can make loadsssss, you can theme them, holidays, family, friends, wedding, flowers, pets....anything!

These are a really personal gift and would look awesome in a gift box of say 6 or 9 like a real set of matching baubles! If you start now you could do them for all your family and friends!


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